In analyzing the highest and best use of the property, our goal was to marry the nostalgic and historic character of downtown Provo with a building that would not only provide a functional use for the residents but also be a beautiful jewel in a city already teeming with charm. Our vision was to create a project that would entice the eyes of passersby while adding to the economic synergy of Center Street. This underlying vision ultimately led to the project proposed herein, which we are calling 63 Center Street.


63 Center Street is a six-story, mixed-use development consisting of approximately 7,000 sf of retail on the first floor and 41 loft style apartments on the five floors above.

Our inspiration for the design came from both the architecture and beauty of New York City's Park Avenue in addition to some of our neighboring developments, namely the Wells Fargo and Zion's Bank buildings respectively. We believe the use and design of this proposed development perfectly aligns with the City's "lively urban character" vision of downtown Provo, while also providing a "pedestrian- oriented, retail and dining storefront environment."


With the recent announcements of the NuSkin expansion and Utah Convention Center, over 1,000 new jobs are being created in the immediate area with virtuously no new housing to support the increased demand. 63 Center Street wishes to capitalize on this new demand by creating a very urban and efficient lifestyle.


We envision the residents of this project taking a quick elevator ride down to the main lobby where they are greeting by the stunning landscape of Center Street. From there, they may grab a morning pastry and hot chocolate and catch up on the day's news via a wireless internet connection at the café on the main floor. Ultimately, they make their way on foot to their office just a few minutes away.


Other conveniences of this development include a state-of-the-art fitness facility, high-speed internet access, and rooftop garden. These amenities in addition to the impeccable location provide a resident with all of the luxuries and necessities for the ultimate urban living experience.


Our target demographic for the residential component of this project will mostly focus on the employment base of the neighboring businesses. However, we anticipate some of the newly married and/or small family portion of the Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University student population. As a result of this demographic, we desire to have tenants on the first floor that will serve our residents. Some of the anticipated retailers would include cafés, small bookstores, restaurants, small bank branches, or other synergistic uses.